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The Best Possible Solution

By on Oct 28, 2014

There are reasons we love certain people. Scientists study all nature of what love is, things like the reaction women have to men’s sweaty shirts or men’s subconscious reaction when women are ovulating. I’m sure the scientists know what they are talking about – as said, it is sub-coconscious. It really doesn’t quite explain “love”.  Ray and I are as different as can be, he is a conservative, meat-eating, huntin’ and fishin’ guy; and I a liberal, tofu-eating, wantna be artist. Yet our core values are completely the same and we generally agree on solutions. We also know we are not smart enough to understand it all.

So Ray, feeling responsible for our current state of “I-don’t-know-what-to-do-next-ness” solves the problem. He throws money at it (exactly what I would do).

Ray retired from 30 years of international civil construction management a week before we met. He was planning to take a “gap year”, a year off to travel and explore. Most recently he was working in Australia and left a fully outfitted truck to explore the outback. His plan was to retire in the USA and then go back to Australia. He didn’t do that, he met me instead.


His solution is: Fly instead to Australia, pick up his truck, and spend 3 weeks exploring the land down under while his shoulder heals, then fly to New Zealand for 3 weeks of bike touring.

The plus side:

  • We can do this
  • I have always wanted to see Australia
  • We gain one additional week of vacation

The negative side:

  •  We’ll lose 500+ miles off the biking in New Zealand


In reality it is our only option. I need to pack another bag for the outback.


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