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Storm Quest Tactical Bike Saddle

Storm Quest Tactical Bike Saddle

By on Mar 17, 2013

RideOut Technologies’ Storm Quest Tactical Bike Saddle

RideOut Bike Seat AwardsWe are proud to unveil the Storm Quest Saddle. The first bicycle seat designed exclusively for police, campus patrols and airport security applications, optimized for the officer (or other rider) that lives on their bike.

Incorporating the innovative patented suspension system engineered in the Carbon Comfort line, this infused carbon fiber system absorbs shock and road chatter, flexing the individual autonomy of the rider, ensuring the most comfortable ride available in today’s world of bicycling patrol. This seat was built for tactical applications however; the public has asked to make this seat available to the average rider.

The Storm Quest, which is constructed from waterproof Kevlar, is built for the rigors of bike patrol and other prolonged daily excursions. RideOut’s saddles are built to reduce pressure points, chafing, and bike-induced inflammation for both male and female riders.

The Storm Quest and the other Comfort saddles are designed to be minimalistic. Less is good when it comes to bike saddles, not just to reduce weight, but to reduce chafing and wear on the body.

How the saddles fit and contour to your rear end, and ultimately how it supports you, matters most. The patented “crossbow” supports make the Storm Quest and the Comfort Carbon saddles unique. These carbon-fiber supports flex, absorbing and dispersing the road shock through the entire seat. The thermal-molded base plate is designed to fit the contours of the human body. Lastly, multi-density foam is used to give you a saddle that’s comfortable for the long haul.

  • Beefier suspension platform
  • Features all black, all weather, Kevlar reinforced cover
  • Less than 400 grams
  • Deeper cut out and extra padding for no groin discomfort
  • Deeper cut-out for prostate protection
  • Dynamic engineered platform
Seat Dimensions and Comments

Rider Weight
Storm Quest
14.4 oz.

Up to: 250 lbs.

Firmer Ride, Slightly more padding


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