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Ride Out Technologies long term saddle review, an update

Ride Out Technologies long term saddle review, an update

By on Mar 17, 2013


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ride Out Technologies long term saddle review, an update


I received a saddle from RideOut Technologies back in July for review and installed it on my Raleigh Sports for a test ride that turned out to be a test Summer.


The saddle is claimed as being the most comfortable bike seat in the world. Some of you have commented on the contrary about that and some of you have agreed. I’ll give you my honest opinion about the seat that stayed on my Raleigh bike for the entire Summer by answering a few obvious questions and share my riding experience.


First off, is it comfortable?


In my experience, yes with a few side notes. You have to adjust the seat in relation to your butt and riding style. It may take a few tries to find that sweet spot. I had to adjust at least 3 times before getting there. Also, I found that coasting on long rides would make my left butt cheek go numb. That’s because my bike has a coaster hub and that somehow makes me coast with my left leg down all the time. Something that is also of great importance, and the seat outperforms anything else I’ve tried in that department, no numb genitals ever! That’s a good thing. Make that a great thing.


Does it absorb road bumps?


Incredibly, yes it does and very well I might add. I must admit that I was very doubtful when I got my hands on this that it could even come close to absorbing the hits that my fat spring saddle takes, but it does.


Does it ride well?


One of the things that freaks me out about this seat is that as soon as you pedal, it vanishes. The more you pedal, the more “invisible ” it gets. A recent all out 29 minutes time trial I did on bumpy City streets confirmed it even more. My brain was being fried by pain signals from my legs and lungs but my butt wasn’t even a tiny blip on the radar. It usually is. The swivel effect when you pedal goes unnoticed until you get on another seat, this is just marvelous.


Is it durable?


No signs of wear on the seat whatsoever. I didn’t bother being careful. I even dumped the bike like yesterday’s laundry on concrete after crossing the line on that time trial run and there’s not even a scuff on the Kevlar where it hit hard.
No marks from a hard fall on concrete

No marks from a hard fall on concrete

Is it worth the bucks?

No it’s not a $20 seat from your regular chain store. The quality in the build and material is there. Just the fact that they took the trouble of putting Kevlar on the sides for protection and the decent 375 gram weight speaks well about the attention to detail. Volume is also a consideration, they don’t make millions of these but the price might come down if they sell more. I’ve sat on a brand name $300 leather seat that was only good at trying very hard to go check my prostate! I say it’s good value for the money.

Lastly, I have to mention something unique to this seat. After any long ride, my posterior would ache for a while from the ride. Not the case with this seat even when I get a numb butt cheek from coasting.

It is impossible to please every one in the bike seat department but I think that RideOut Technologies as come close to perfection. Would I buy one? Yes, they are coming out with an all black model that really looks good and there is no way I’ll ever ride a road bike on anything else, unless someone comes out with something better.

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Until next time, ride safe and free.

Gerry 🙂


Interbike Vendor Spotlight: RideOut Tech

October 14th, 2010 by Ron Callahan

Rideout Technologies , the makers of the Carbon Comfort seat, were one of our first stops last year, and they were early on our schedule in 2010 as well. When we got a chance to review their innovative new saddle last year, we found it to be impressive despite some finicky setup issues.


The Carbon Comfort saddle returns this year with some changes to address user feedback that has been received over the past year. First up is a “sexier” saddle cover, that replaces the bamboo based cover used last year. Some said it was too rough, and we thought that it didn’t match a look we’d like. The new cover is mostly black with what can best be described as acid yellow (chartreuse?) accents. We’d still prefer all black, but it is aesthetically better than the tan bamboo fabric. Kevlar fabric on the sides of the saddle should help
with durability.

A new injected carbon base replaces the molded carbon fiber sheet that was used last year. The injected carbon base provides more flex and should prove to be a little more forgiving than the prior model. Bio-density foam under the sit bones provide more padding than last year as well, but we did not feel that that was an issue.Also new for this year is an integrated reflector and a quick release seat pack with integrated light.

The Carbon Comfort saddle is marketed towards those who either typically don’t ride, or those who stopped
riding because of saddle discomfort, but we think that it’s worth a try from everyone who rides. Even if you find your race saddle completely comfortable, the Carbon Comfort may allow you to go longer in greater comfort.

Stan Lee, Sacramento CA wrote: “It is the ONLY seat I can ride! No numbness or pain issues. Inspiring!”

Just in case you want more feedback- I’m a 66-year old lifelong cyclist who has become unable to tolerate more than about 40 minutes on a regular bike seat. (I’ve tried many different kinds.) Even worse, my husband and I love to ride our tandem on long rides-it’s been one of our favorite sources of recreation, but the stoker takes quite a pounding on the back seat. I was truly afraid I would have to give up riding the tandem or look into buying a recumbent, which was not appealing. I first tried your seat on my own bike. At first it felt pretty strange and I wasn’t sure how to sit on it, but I took your advice and gave it a couple of miles, and suddenly I “got” it. I really love it. I put it on our tandem and it works great there too, so I am ordering another for my bike. I have a second bike I take on vacations, so next spring, I’ll order my third Comfort Saddle. It’s really a breakthrough design and I am thrilled to know I’ll be able to continue riding for as long as I am able to peddle a bike. Thanks so much for your dedication to bringing this product to market. Also, thought I’d mention a fringe benefit- I no longer have to invest in expensive, padded cycling shorts. It’s great not to have to wear them. Thanks again

Jesse, Albany, OR

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