The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat

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Ride in comfort, farther, more often and have fun!

Ride in comfort, farther, more often and have fun!

By on Mar 16, 2013

Today was the big test of the new seat: a 5 hour ride. It works! No pain at all. The old penile neuropathy didn’t show. I used to be not be able to go for much more than a half-hour without having to stop.

Thanks, J. R.


I got my RideOut seat and it is awesome. My backside used to kill me after long rides and now that is a distant memory. It is the most comfortable seat I have ever been on. I plan to buy two more for my other bikes. Keep up the great work

Thanks, Trey C

“I care about losing weight and getting fit. My doctor recommended biking and now after a decade of not riding, I am enjoying it again, your seat is THAT GOOD.”

Jeanie T, North Carolina

RideOut Technologies sells the world’s most comfortable bicycle seats.

  1. Thirty day comfort guarantee
  2. No numbness or chafing
  3. Pain free riding
  4. Absorbs road bumps and chatter
  5. Seat flexes to the rider’s shape
  6. Increased blood flow and ventilation


See it on YouTube: The Carbon Comfort Saddle

Please see our article on Bicycle Seats-Fitting


The Carbon Comfort seat arrived promptly and sat on the shelf for a few weeks while winter did its thing. Installed the seat on Sunday morning. Took just a few minutes, anyone can do it. Hopped on at 11:30 AM thinking a short 2 mile ride would do. Returned home at 4:30 PM having spent most of the day on the bike! Lower legs were very sore. I could barely walk.
And guess what else was sore? Nothing! I am sure I don’t have to burden you with the full description of the special places where a 230 pound man can get sore after that many hours on a road bike. No chafing. No soreness. Oh, did I mention it was my first ride of the year? Everyone who rides a bike should try this bike seat.

Joe N. – Crown Point, IN

I’m 67 years old, a lifetime biker. Mother nature has taken away my natural padding, but the Carbon Comfort Saddle makes my daily workout painless once more. I don’t know how it works, but it does. I’ll be buying more for my other bikes.


“The Carbon Comfort seat does exactly what it claims to do.”
Jamie – McU Sports Store Manager – Boise, Idaho

From Amy Siedenstrang,

The first time I rode on a Carbon Comfort saddle, I was reminded of an expensive ergonomic office chair — great balance right on the sit-bones, and tilted slightly to take pressure off my back.

I realized that my rigid old bicycle seat was forcing me into a static position…no wonder biking always caused low back pain! The problem wasn’t me or my bike, it was my seat… and I’m now riding farther and more frequently than I have in years. My padded bike shorts can stay in the back of my closet! This saddle is really comfy!

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