The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat

The Best Bike Seat for Women!

The best bike seat for women

The saddle that started a bicycling revolution is now available in pink!

  • Description

Product Description

The saddle that started a bicycling revolution is now available in pink!

Designed especially for women riders in mind, this seat utilizes the same infused carbon fiber suspension and chromyl rails as its predecessor. This saddle is optimized for women riders who weigh more between 170 lbs. and  250 lbs.

Now you can ride all day with comfort!

Radically different from other bicycle seats, this saddle is optimized for the commuting, touring, cruising and hybrid bike. Utilizing an infused carbon fiber in the base plate which allows the saddle to conform and flex to the rider, the seat absorbs road shock and chatter.

The patented, “crossbow”  design has been endorsed by Doctors, industry professionals and individuals like you.  Wider in back and narrower in front, this seat holds you the way your body was meant to be supported. Plus you can leave those padded bike shorts behind! This saddle supports you the way you were meant to be!

In addition to a great design, this seat has safety built in! Retro Reflective 3M fabric is sown into the back to increase rider visibility Kevlar side panels protect the seat from damage.

  • Eliminates numbness, chafing, friction and discomfort
  • Light weight and high performance, Less than 395 grams
  • Kevlar reinforced cover
  • 30-Day comfort guarantee
  • Separate plates allow air flow to keep rider cool, cooler skin temperatures keeps us comfy.
  • Suspension built from infused Carbon Fiber for a truly comfortable ride
  • Comfy and stylish
  • The separate sub-base plate keeps the rider cool
  • Seat flexes with each peddle stroke
  • Firmer Ride
Rider Weight
13.4 oz.

170 lbs. or more


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