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Green Carbon Comfort Bike Seat


This saddle started a bicycling revolution. Radically different than other bicycle seats, this saddle is optimized for the commuting and hybrid bike. Great for distance touring as well.

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This saddle started a bicycling revolution. Radically different than other bicycle seats, this saddle is optimized for the commuting and hybrid bike. Utilizing infused carbon fiber in the base plate, allows the saddle to conform and flex to the rider, absorbing road shock and chatter.

  • Eliminates numbness, chafing and discomfort
  • Less than 390 grams
  • Kevlar reinforced cover
  • 30-Day comfort guarantee
  • Separate plates allow air flow to keep rider cool

*This saddle is designed for riders 175lbs or less.
If the rider is over 175lbs, you should check out these seats:
Pink Carbon Comfort:
Designed specifically for women 170-250 lbs.
Storm Quest:
Originally built for police & security officers who work all day on their bike, this seat is perfect for both males and females over 170lbs.

We offer a full thirty day comfort guarantee when purchased directly from RideOut. And, if you need more time to test it out, just call and let us know, we want you comfortable!

If for any reason you are not satisfied, please return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Call RideOut by phone: (208) 866-5313
We accept all methods of payment, as well as checks and money orders.

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Additional information

Weight 13.4 oz
Dimensions 7.5 x 8.75 in
Rider Weight

Up to 175 lbs for best use


Softest Ride

5 reviews for Green Carbon Comfort Bike Seat

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Alex (verified owner)

    Today was the big test of the new seat: a 5 hour ride. It works! No pain at all. The old penile neuropathy didn’t show. I used to be not be able to go for much more than a half-hour without having to stop.
    Thanks, Jorge

    I recently finished a 4,000 mile extended coast to coast ride using the Carbon Comfort saddle. It served me well every day for 40 riding days of 6-10 hours each. The width of the saddle definitely helps to spread your weight around and decrease pressure points. It also allows for a greater range of small position adjustments as the hours rack up and you tire of sitting in the same position. The material and padding both held up without issue and easily got the job done through rain, hail, and 110 degree road temperatures. Would I recommend the Carbon Comfort for touring? Absolutely.

    James Alex, Lea’s Foundation Coast to Coast rider (U of C Medical student)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


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  3. Rated 5 out of 5


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  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    André Rozon (verified owner)

    Pain can be a powerful reminder. I know this very well. Saddle pain has sometimes undermined some of my wonderful cycle touring experiences. I usually ride around 3000 to 6000 kilometers a year. This includes daily commuting, frequent weekend getaways and bicycle adventure travel. At age 50, I’ve tried at least one or two dozens of saddles. At best, these saddles would start hurting me after 80 km or so. On long trips, climbing back on the saddle the next morning was a constant reminder of yesterdays hardships on my rear. This has all dramatically changed now that I pedal with a Rideout saddle! No more pain… ever! The saddle does feel « different ». But there are no obvious pressure points. And the small horn/nose helps me keep control for quick manoeuvres.

    Research and effort are built right in this wonderful piece of mobile comfort. Many of my friends now ride on Rideout. You should too!

    André Rozon | travailleur social

  5. Jim H. (verified owner)

    From Jim Hart, 10/31/2017
    Hello Jeri!
    I gave the Green Carbon a real try, last weekend. I must say it was the best ride ever on that bike! I thought I?d just give it a short test ride; but ended up doing my entire 27 mile regular route! And it was just as good again today! You?ve really got something good cooking there! I only regret not discovering Ride Out sooner! (To bad we are at winters door. It got to only 40 deg.F high temperature here today) As for the Fireflys they are working fine now. I only need to get in the habit of using them! Congratulations for designing and marketing great stuff! Jim H

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