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The Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat. Ever.

Challenger Mountain Bike Seat from Rideout Technologies

RideOut Technologies introduces Challenger, the most comfortable mountain bike seat ever.

Available September 1st, 2017
Price: $79

From: RideOut Technologies
Date line: August 28, 2017
Contact: Jeri Rutherford
208-866-5313 •

(Boise, Idaho) When interviewed, 85% of Americans state they don’t ride bikes because of seat pain. RideOut Technologies intends to get more Americans biking by creating a truly comfortable mountain bike seat. Using a patented “crossbow suspension” of infused carbon fiber, the two underlying leaf springs absorb road bumps and allow the seat to flex slightly with the rider’s movements.

RideOut Technologies uses advance materials and university testing to produce the most comfortable bicycle saddles. For the last seven years the Carbon Comfort and Storm Quest seats have been sold worldwide, setting the standard in comfort and performance and now adding now to the lineup-the Challenger mountain bike seat.

Biking in single track demands a seat with a horn long enough to hold between your legs and thin enough to slide forward of the rider. This seat’s built in suspension and multi-density foam top support your “sit” bones and provide just enough cushion to comfort your behind. Finally, a truly comfortable seat optimized for the straight bar bikes.

The Challenger weighs in at just 385 grams and comes bag ready with a built-in bag clip. This seat will set a new bar in comfort and performance.

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