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RideOut™ Carbon Comfort Bike Seats

No Chafing. No Soreness. The Most Comfortable Seat You've Ever Ridden Guaranteed!

Carbon Comfort Bike Saddle
  • Carbon Fiber "Crossbow Supports"
    Absorbs road shock and flexes with your movements.
  • Molded "Anatomy Fit" Ergonomic Baseplate
    Independent university testing proves pressure is applied to your "sit bones" instead of sensitive soft tissue.
  • Bio-density Comfort Foam
    The perfect blend of padded cushion and support.
  • Kevlar Reinforced Cover
    Body armor for your bike seat. All-weather and long-lasting.
  • Money Back 30 Day Comfort Guarantee
    More comfortable than your old seat or your money back.
  • 90 Day Warranty
    Rideout™ products carry a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

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The RideOut™ Carbon Comfort Advantage Compared

Bike Seat Comparison RideOut™ Carbon
Comfort Seats
Rideout Carbon Comfort Seats
Standard Seat
Standard Seat
Other Carbon Fiber Seats
Other Carbon Fiber Seats
Easy to install (RideOut™Instructions) Yes Yes Yes
Used for Single Track Yes Yes Yes
Used for Road Biking Yes Yes Yes
Comfortable for Commuting & Cruising Yes Yes Yes
No Padded Shorts Necessary Yes Yes Yes
Soft Padded Cushion Top Yes Yes Yes
Light Weight Yes Yes Yes
Built In Ventilation Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Seat Flexes with Rider Yes Yes Yes
Friction Free Riding Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Fiber Base Plate Absorbs Road Bumps Yes Yes Yes
30 Day Comfort Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
90 Day Warranty Yes Yes Yes
Typical Price Range Best Value!
List Price: $125-$150
Your Price: $85 - $95
(You Save: 32%-37%)
$25 - $100 $120 - $270

Product Description

The Carbon Comfort seat eliminates the numbness often experienced by male riders and the soreness, burning and chafing women can feel. Comprised of four vital parts; the patented, infused carbon fiber "crossbow supports" in the saddle base absorbs and dampens road shock. The molded baseplate matches the body autonomy and multi-density foam provides lasting comfort. Topped with a Kevlar reinforced cover and sew-in safety reflector, this saddle raises the bar in comfort, performance and safety.

In a breakthrough design this dynamic seat flexes and moves with the rider for a truly comfortable ride bringing the joy back to riding. The Carbon Comfort seat provides riders large and small, wide or narrow a smooth comfortable riding experience. 96.2% of riders big and small who try our seats, prefer them over any others.

Real Product Reviews and Testimonials

Five Star ReviewI'm sold on a non-standard saddle.
"In the interest of our readers, I've tried many alternative saddles since 1994. The verdict on each one has varied from acceptable to downright laughable. The RideOut Carbon Comfort approaches the problem of discomfort differently, and, finally I'm sold on a non-standard saddle."
- Mike Deme, Editor, Adventure Cyclist (Featured In March 2012 Adventure Cyclist Magazine)

Five Star ReviewNo way I'll ever ride a road bike on anything else...
"It is impossible to please every one in the bike seat department but I think that Ride Out Technologies as come close to perfection...there is no way I'll ever ride a road bike on anything else, unless someone comes out with something better."
- Gerry Lauzon, howtofixbikes.ca (Read Full Review)

Five Star ReviewVirtually painless because my weight is on my sit bones...
"I purchased this seat 2 weeks ago and I can hardly describe the relief. People probably thought I was nuts riding and laughing at the same time. It is virtually painless because my weight is on my sit bones and not other places. I had to adjust the saddle angle a few times to get it correct. Also I like the way it absorbs the bumps in the road. I think it is worth taking a look at. I am 6'6", 220 lbs, tall and slender with no fat in the butt. I have tried 6 saddles in the past by either purchasing them or through a demo program. I guess that since this is lucky #7 it worked. I could not go wrong with their 30 day comfort guarantee, so I thought I would try it. Luck for me it worked."
- Michael A. Sikora, Triathlete

Five Star Review Helped me enjoy the ride to the fullest.
"The seat was superb. I loved the first one I had. It did take some time to get used to but once I put a few miles on it, it was comfortable and helped tremendously in supporting me and saving my butt from excessive chaffing and soreness. I liked the way the wings flexed with each stroke I made. The second seat I had, the beefier version, was also excellent. Since it was firmer than the first, it took a bit longer to get used to but again, once I did get used to it, I had a beautiful ride. I've done quite a bit of riding previously, including a half iron man distance triathlon and I've put time on a seat and I've got to say I love this one. This seat was an essential part of my cross country experience and absolutely helped me enjoy the ride to the fullest."
- Thomas Williams, Rider for the LEA Foundation

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Specifications & Pricing Green Carbon Seat
Green Carbon Seat
Pink Carbon Seat
Pink Carbon Seat
Storm Quest Seat
Storm Quest Seat
Carbon Comfort Technology Yes Yes Yes
Feel Softest Ride Slightly Stiffer Firmer Ride, Added Padding
Color Black and Green Black and Pink Black
Gender Unisex Female Unisex
Product Weight 13.4 oz 13.4 oz 14.4 oz
Product Length 7.5" 7.5" 7.5"
Product Width 8.75" 8.75" 8.75"
Recommended Rider Weight Up to 175 lbs Up to 225 lbs Up to 250 lbs
30 Day Comfort Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
90 Day Warranty Yes Yes Yes
Price List Price: $125
Your Price: $85
(You Save: 32%)
List Price: $125
Your Price: $85
(You Save: 32%)
List Price: $150
Your Price: $95
(You Save: 37%)
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