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KBOI Channel 2 Boise Features RideOut Tech

KBOI Channel 2 Boise Features RideOut Tech

By on Nov 24, 2017

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — “I am a lifetime rider and I have ridden bikes my whole life,” says entrepreneur and cyclist Jeri Rutherford. “And around my mid forties, bicycling became too painful, it just hurt.”
That’s when this Boise local had an idea.
“One day I was going to ride to the coast but about the fourth day I was pushing my bike down the road I was in so much pain…and I said I can do better and I went home and I started building bike seats.”
Jeri says as hard as she tried, she couldn’t find a comfortable bike seat, and that was the beginning of RideOut Technologies.
“I started thinking about seats, so I went to people who knew about prosthetics, who understood biomechanics, I asked their advice and I created a design.”
She says it took over 50 prototypes, and finally her first seat, the carbon comfort was born.
“Here is a typical bike seat, and for a lot of people this might work, but if you’re over 35 it starts to press and compress tissues in your body. so this obviously is wider and it holds you up by your sit bones or AP-02 veracity if you want, and so you get to sit on the saddle instead of straddling the saddle.”
Since ride out technologies began back in 2009, Jeri says they have expanded to 7 different models for all for all ages and body types.
She says the response to her bike seats has been overwhelming.
“Every day when people write you back and they say this seat is amazingly comfortable, I’m riding again. that’s the most important win.”
RideOut Technologies bike seats can be found at MCU Sports in Downtown Boise.

The full article can be found at KBOI’s website here.

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