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FireFly Bike Grips

FireFly Bike Grips

By on Mar 10, 2013


FireFly bike grips.

FireFly bike grips

RideOut’ FireFly Handle Bar Grips, these patented handle bar grips with built in turn signal indicator lights are a design unique to RideOut Technologies.

Be seen and be safe with these grips!

A push button under the rider’s thumb turns the flashing lights on.  This enables the riders to signal lane changes while still holding onto the handle bars. Lights are visible from three directions.

Very easy to install on your bike. The ergonomic shape and soft rubber make riding more comfortable.

  • Ergonomic bicycle handle bar grips with built-in turn signal indicator lights
  • Turn signal lights visible from front, side and behind the rider
  • Lights turn on with the push of a button and turn off automatically after 30 seconds
  • Bright LED amber lights allow the ride to indicate turns without letting go of the handlebars
  • Be Seen and Be Safe, endorsed by police
  • Shockproof, weather proof and UV resistant, soft padded rubber
  • Fits 22 mm, (9/10 inch)  diameter bars


The grips cost $37.75 and are available at McU Sports in downtown Boise. 

 Please see our videos below:

Jesse Tests Bicycle Turn Signals Seattle:

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