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Bicycle Desk

Bicycle Desk

By on Feb 24, 2016

Bicycle Desk

Solid wood bicycle desk with the RideOut Carbon comfort seat

Introducing our Bicycle Desk. This beautifully hand-crafted solid wood desk can double as a standing desk. Made in Montana from locally reclaimed wood on the top and new timber for the legs. Legs have adjustable foot pegs so the table top can be customized to your desired height. The table measures 54 inches by 35 inches across the top and 43 – 45 inches high.

Custom table heights are available, just give us a call! This is a great way to get our workout while at work!

Wood Bicycle Desk


Research shows our brains work better when the body is moving and active, so get active!

Contact: for ordering info. Bike/standing desk $495 plus shipping.

Studies show you can burn 60 to 200 calories an hour depending on speed of peddling. The large open area under the desk allow for bikes of multiple sizes and dimensions to fit. This solid wood table stands firm and does not move making your work surface steady.

Wood Bicycle DeskBuy it for your office or home, finely crafted to fit either location.

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