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Best Mountain Bike Seat for 2018

Best Mountain Bike Seat for 2018

By on Mar 1, 2018

Posted from Outdoor NW Hot Bike Gear 2018 by John “Raz” Rezell:

OutdoorsNW Magazine

If you’ve ever searched desperately for a saddle that’s perfectly suited for your body, you know not to judge a seat by its looks. The Challenger fits that mold.
This seat doesn’t look like your father’s saddle, and doesn’t feel like it, either. Leaving appearance aside for now, an infused carbon fiber base plate beneath the saddle sets the Challenger apart. It absorbs bumps on the trail and smooths out your ride.
But the true measure of a saddle is how it conforms to your backside for a comfortable fit. I have to admit at first glance the well-padded, paddle-shaped top left me scratching my head, and it wasn’t any different when I first hopped on.
Instead of a slick hard teardrop shape, that in my mind gives me a full array of seat options, I appeared to be left with two choices: sitting front or back.
Starting out testing it, that’s exactly how my mind searched for the ultimate position, jockeying back and forth between two rather limited positions. But as soon as I hit the trail and my focus switched to staying upright and not crashing into trees or rocks, my backside took on a mind of its own.
In a matter of minutes, the saddle became a non-factor. Which is to say, it’s exactly what you want in a saddle: If you’re not thinking about it or feeling it, it’s doing its job, right? When I did concentrate on it, I realized my backside wasn’t just relying on two positions, it was utilizing the entire saddle intuitively, finding the right spot at the right time given the terrain.
Ride Out Technologies is a Boise, Idaho company. The saddle is for males and females up to 300 pounds and weighs 385 grams with a built-in bag clip.

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