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At last, the invention of a truly comfortable bicycle saddle

At last, the invention of a truly comfortable bicycle saddle

By on Mar 12, 2013

At last, the invention of a truly comfortable bicycle saddle for pain free riding!

“I am a 215 lb., 68 year old cyclist who just completed RAGBRAI – 471 miles+
in 7 days, 3 of which were well over 100 when we finished for the day and one
of which was an 82 miler into stiff headwinds almost the entire route. I cannot
imagine what my posterior and other parts might have felt like on an ordinary
‘wedge’ saddle.  On the StormQuest [the $95 model for big guys], my seat was
not the gating item for the ride. After hydration and frequent rest stops per the
heat, the ride was just a matter of pressing on pretty sure that my training was
adequate for the task. Two of my riding buddies were saddle-sore and wondered
why I only complained of the heat & headwinds. They are now believers in
riding on a better seat! Thanks Jeri & co.”

Bruce W, Seneca SC

“I am a life-long bike rider. During a cross-state ride, I became increasing uncomfortable with my seat. Although the bike seat I was riding was touted as one of the best, by day four, I simply could no longer stand it. I was so sore,my bottom hurt so much, that I actually ended up walking much of the day, pushing my bike down the road.

Painfully, I finished the ride, and with every mile became ever more determined to build a better bike seat. Several years and nearly 50 prototypes later, the Carbon Comfort bicycle seat was born. Since
that time we have added the Storm Quest bike saddle, our tactical model, for military and police patrol riders.

Our bike seats are designed, engineered, assembled and packaged here in the USA. We offer guaranteed pain free riding. The Urban touring bag, in our line of bike accessories attaches seamlessly to all our bicycle seats. Comfortable riding on a high performance bicycle seat. Buy one for comfort-ride it for life!”

-Jeri Rutherford
Developer and Managing Partner

Industry Outsider, bike and gear blog Brian M
 My wife reviewed one for our website, and liked it so much she made me 

buy it for her. That’s a huge endorsement from a recreational cyclist that had

a hard time getting comfortable.

Independent saddle pressure testing was performed by the University of Wisconsin, Department of Bioengineering

Saddle pressure video of 190 lb. man on a conventional seat with a center cut-out

Same 190 lb. man on a RideOut Technologies Carbon Comfort Saddle, less pressure=less pain

John L. Coeur d'Alene, ID
No pressure on ‘soft tissues’ and no numbness. Truly remarkable. I’ve never felt anything like it. Also, I could definitely feel the saddle ‘wings’ flexing with each stroke which is actually kind of nice. Feels very natural.

Idaho Cyclist Designs a Better Bike Seat

January 6th, 2011 – by Pete Zimowsky – Idaho Statesman

Seat discomfort is the most common complaint from riders, she said. Men have suffered from chronic nerve damage and groin numbness on extended rides with an improperly fitting seat. Women also suffer nerve damage and chaffing, Rutherford said.

So, Rutherford built a different bicycle saddle.”

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Try your’s today, thirty day comfort guarantee.

Comfort Bike Seat Guarantee

Contact Jeri Rutherford ( , developer at RideOut Technologies

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