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Adventure Cycling Best of Spring

Adventure Cycling Best of Spring

By on Feb 16, 2018

Adventure Cycling Magazine recently announced their “Geared Up – Spring is in Sight” and recommended Rideout Tech’s Challenger Mountain Bike Seat!

“As the years go by, most cyclists develop fierce brand loyalty — or brand hatred — when it comes to saddles. I’m a WTB rider, but I test a few other perches each year. The Challenger from Boise-based RideOut is one of the most unique I’ve seen.

Shaped roughly like a traditional mountain bike saddle, the Challenger is billed for bikes with flat bars and features a short and stout shape compared to most. That’s partly due to a “double crossbow” baseplate acting almost as a second set of saddle rails to absorb vibration. The slightly wider rear and shorter nose provides a stable base while still offering enough of a nose to feel familiar.

The Challenger is undeniably cushy — a little too much foam for my liking on rough trails, but quite comfortable on uneven but spin-able surfaces. And while I can get by with something a bit narrower, the wider shape still tapered enough not to interfere with my pedal stroke.

My one issue with the saddle was the height. I’m relatively short-legged and run dropper posts on all my mountain bikes, which means I often have the post slammed as low in the frame as it will go. The higher “stack” height on the Challenger meant my saddle was now too high and necessitated a switch back to a standard post that I could insert farther into the frame. If you’re not running a dropper and/or are willing trim a bit of post length in the case of a curved seat tube or other impediment to compensate for the extra 3/4in. of height, the Challenger could be just the comfortable option you’re looking for.” –AS

Read the full article on Adventure Cycling here.

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