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About Us

RideOut Technologies was founded by cyclist-turned-entrepreneur Jeri Rutherford. She came up with the idea to design and manufacture the most comfortable bike seats in the world when her bicycle seat made her so sore during a cross-state bicycle ride that she spent half the trip pushing her bike down an endless highway. This unfortunate experience, along with her failure to find a more comfortable bike seat, served as inspiration to design and manufacture a line of comfortable bike seats that range from extra wide to comfortable bike seats for cruisers.

Out of this inspiration, RideOut Technologies was born. The bike seats and saddles designed and manufactured by RideOut Technologies differ from traditional bike seats in a variety of ways. The technology behind these seats disperse the rider’s weight over a greater area than a traditional seat would, allowing for less pressure in sensitive areas that are often constricted during long bicycle rides. They’ve been referred to as the most comfortable bike seats in the world by professional and amateur cyclists alike – even by those who have used soft and gel seats that are, in theory, supposed to offer greater comfort than their traditional alternatives.

Since 2009, RideOut Technologies has been designing and manufacturing the most comfortable cruiser and road bike saddles and seats on the market. We’ve been praised by riders of all types, ranging from recreational riders to professional triathletes, for manufacturing the “most comfortable saddle [they’ve] ever ridden.” Since our inception, our Carbon Comfort Bike Seat has become the new standard in the cycling industry for lightweight, high-performance bike seats. We’ve also added the Storm Quest Saddle to our line – a saddle designed exclusively for police, campus patrols, and airport security.

RideOut Technologies has been featured in a variety of magazines and news stories, including Adventure Cyclist magazine, Women’s Adventure Magazine, and Fox News. All products are designed, engineered, assembled, and packaged in the United States, using only the highest quality parts. For the ultimate in pain-free riding, browse our selection of the most comfortable bike seats today: buy one for comfort, and ride it for life!


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